Best Air Cooler To Buy In Hot Summer in India in 2020

Best Air Cooler To Buy In Hot Summer in India

The notorious Indian summer time is already here, and each 12 months the sweltering warmth only appears to be increasing. Thanks to coolers, you can now fight the heat from the relief of your room. Air coolers have long been the eco-friendly and portable choice to air conditioners. Moreover, with cooler rate in India being considerably lower, they price as a good deal as 75% much less than ACs.

Choosing the high-quality air cooler comes down to its type, cooling capacity and measurement of the water tank. Depending on these features, you can choose the great air cooler in India for your requirement and get your money’s worth. But, the market has several renowned manufacturers that provide some of the fantastic air coolers throughout India, making it tough to pick out simply one. So, to assist you discover some thing in your budget, take a seem to be at some of top contenders for the best cooler in India 2020.

Best Air Coolers for your Room this Summer

Read on to understand the high-quality cooler in India so that you can handle the Indian summer season efficiently and cost-effectively.

1. Symphony Diet 12T Room/Personal Air Cooler

With its slim built, easy portability and noiseless, energy efficient performance, the Diet 12T cooler from Symphony is inarguably the first-class room cooler in India for rooms with sizes ranging up to 28m3. This cooler throws air at a distance of 30 feet, making sure that you experience cool surroundings, even in the corners!


                             Key Specifications

Tank Capacity12 L
Power170 W
Size33 cm x 30 cm x 83.2 cm
Body TypePlastic Body
Cooling mediumHoneycomb Cooling Media



2. Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36 Ltrs Room Air Cooler

Equipped with a effective air throw of up to 70 feet, this cooler from Bajaj can be regarded as the best air cooler 2020 has to offer. With its increase rapid fan technology and four-way air deflection, it offers entire cooling of your room with nearly no operational noise whatsoever.

                       Key Specifications

Tank Capacity35 L
Power100 W
Size45.5 cm x 43.5 cm x 82.0 cm
Body TypePlastic Body
Cooling mediumHoneycomb Cooling Media


3. Bajaj Tc2007 37-Litre Air Cooler

With its state-of-the-art layout and effective cooling technology, the Bajaj Tc2007 37-Litre Air Cooler might also be the best air cooler in India. Easy mobility and robust technological know-how like 3-speed blower control backing its cooling capabilities, makes it an best cooling associate for your bedrooms and offices.


                    Key Specifications

Tank Capacity37 L
Power175 W
Size46.5cm x 30.8 cm x 84.0 cm
Body TypePlastic Body
Cooling mediumHoneycomb Cooling Media


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